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Kyoritsu High Voltage Insulator


I was highly satisfied with Kyoritsu’s high voltage insulator tester supplied by KKInstruments Malaysia. It is a tool that everyone working with insulators should own. I liked its size, durability and accuracy. The model I worked with was the 3121 specifically. This particular model provided me with the needed ±5% rdg measuring accuracy for several projects. Before making final purchase, I did some research on several different brands and models, and this one came to be of superior quality. It came equipped with a case of necessary accessories such as test leads, 8 R6P AAs, and an instruction manual, which basically provides you with everything you need. I found the manual to be well-written and explanatory, as I was not initially very experienced with using high voltage testers. It provided a detailed description as well as range specifications. I was able to easily and effectively test equipment.


Its test voltage hits 2500V and withstanding voltage is 5000V AC, which was ideal for my purposes. I was satisfied that it didn’t consume too much power, and it came at a good price. This product offers its users many great features available. It also has color coded scales that change for low and high ohm ranges and are easily visible. I was satisfied on its safety instructions as well, and I greatly recommend this product and brand based on personal experience. Electric Systems have now introduced the feature pack Kyoritsu 3128high of voltage insulation tester. Test voltage is totally variable at 12kV and 35TΩ with the short current of the 5mA.


The 3128 got the large and multifunction show with the back lighting and showing all critical setup & test parameters. Unit is then housed in the IP64 rated carry case for the added protection and for housing the needed accessories or test leads. 3128 will get operated from built in batteries and from external mains supply. Safety category rate for 3128 is the CAT IV 600V and making this safe for the industrial use. Besides, insulation resistance test, 3128 also give the range of the diagnostic insulation test. The data communication also comes standard with 3128 with the USB cable & software supplied.